Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any experience to become a Print Re-seller?

No but a good list of contacts and a network of small business owners will definitely prove very useful.

Is there any initial Capital outlay?

Not at this time.

Our aim is to sign up Re-sellers who can generate a minimum of £20,000 per year of orders through their site. As long as you are working towards or exceeding that level of business then we do not foresee any additional charges from us.

However if you want a bespoke website that is not part of the standard 'white label' offering then additional charges will need to be made and paid for in advance.

How much money can I make and am I restricted in the mark up I add?

There is no limit to either. We give our Re-sellers special pricing that takes into consideration that you have the selling cost. You of course also get the advantage of our super efficient manufactruing capabilities and software development that enables us to do what we do at a profit.

If you can get 100% mark up then we would encourage you to do so although we expect between 10 and 25% should keep you quite competitive in the current market place although we already have others marking up considerably more than that.

If you can generate £300,000 of business at 15% then that will earn you in the region of £45,000 for no outlay and no ongoing fees or charges from us.

Do I have to sign an onerous contract?

No. There is an agreement which we will ask you to sign but it certainly isn't onerous.

I have clients who could use this, can I take it to them?

Yes. We can rebrand a site so it looks like a companies internal buying system.

We can also make use of our templating system where we can upload standard artworks and allow users to edit and upload pics so that they can very quickly create their own artwork.

You will still be the re-seller and therefore will receive your mark up which could be at different rates to your own branded site.

What are the turnaround times?

We aim to despatch all jobs within 5 working days. All work will be sent on an overnight guaranteed service.

What do I do now that I’m interested?

Contact us on